Tell me what you read…

This experiment takes a new turn as today’s assignment in blogging 101 course is to publish something different from usual tendencies – I’ve opted for creating  a gallery of covers of some of my very favourite books.


11 thoughts on “Tell me what you read…

  1. This was a great response to the prompt. And, hurray for Calvin and Hobbes! As a kid, our English teacher used to hold mini writing contests with fun prizes. My first prize was my first Calvin and Hobbes book. It was the best memory of English class.

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    1. Thank you, SarahLucillewood, also for sharing a lovely memory – there’s something so special about books and childhood :)! Unfortunately I didn’t know Calvin and Hobbes as a kid but I remember how happy I was at the end of the first grade when school awarded us books – all my classmates got one as well, however only mine was different, “Japan for children” instead of some silly stories for kids…


    1. Me too, Tantowerde – as I wanted for this list to represent each author only once, I made this pick over what he’s known by. This particular book is non-fiction and it was his first full length one. The main topics are poverty and living on the margins, tackled in a manner typical for Orwell: calmly and emphatically, yet with a critical eye, looking behind the curtains of society…

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    1. Thank you, Goodnight, Sleep Write (love your name)! Whenever a task doesn’t feel like something I would naturally do I look for ways to tweak it – so I managed to stay as bare as in my other posts since a person’s bookshelf is quite revealing… 🙂


  2. Good choice of books. There are some I haven’t heard of, so must get onto them! Nice gallery – shame my theme doesn’t support gallery posts. Anyway, I am a new follower of your blog. You are warmly invited to visit mine and maybe follow it back if you like it!

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    1. I will do so with pleasure, Angie K! This task initially baffled me but I remembered how much I personally love seeing such a shelf, some of the captions amongst my faves and the rest still undiscovered… 😉

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    1. they are just eternal, Talk Therapies! I wish I could draw as comic-book format rocks and would be nice to explore… 🙂

      (and thanks for dropping by!)


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