The year I barked at the Moon

It sneaked up in gentle fashion, resembling a change of seasons. From belonging to the winds, roaring along, to the place of stillness so decided, that feeling stuck became a life.

There was no joy in previous joys and no rhythm in the ticking of a clock. Hideaways were there no longer. Resistance lurked in striving not to resist and, burdened with contemplation, I fell ill. Once deep in the ground and tied to the limit, I stumbled across crumbs of relief.

Softly as it came, many moons behind time, a fading of the fog revealed that the cycle was complete. And I found that nothing was wrong with the world.

It was my own skin I had outgrown.

DSC_0328 xx


8 thoughts on “The year I barked at the Moon

    1. Sorry that it took me a while to reply to your comment, Teachezwell – I was (and still am) baffled by this whole award concept. So please allow me to keep sitting on it, in the meantime I just wanted to thank you for your very kind description of this place :).

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  1. Well I’m quite ok with the process of it, Theodora. In uncovering my unique voice I sometimes feel like some of these little passages may find their place in longer stories or serve as seeds for more elaborate ideas, like they are excerpts of an unwritten story… But maybe that’s just my imagination, we shall see. 🙂 In short, the novel idea I have is about what happens at the cemetery of human potential.


  2. This is a lovely poem! I think you could work some more with phrasing, to make certain sections less wordy and to really deliver your message, but it is wonderful as is! Continue writing, please 🙂 I would love to read your poetry~

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    1. Thank you on your kind comments, Theodorazheng! Funnily, I don’t view all my posts as poems (including this one), they are merely blurbs – as I am about to start working on my first novel, this blog serves as a platform for toying with expression and building that muscle… Like a lab sort of thing :).

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      1. Oh wow! That’s honestly very cool (you can call me Theodora, by the way). May I ask what your novel is going to be about?

        It’s wonderful that you’re able to post your exercises/practice on here, a lot of people are only happy with posting their perfect and complete and flawless work 🙂

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