Inside the hive

I stood and watched them chase guarantees: flocking in alikeness, patting shoulders, exchanging cheers, fabricating plans.

In numbers and shared intentions they found safety. Their undying pursue for warranty was cleverly disguised into sky-high matters and superior morals; fear, the master puppeteer, was patently well hidden, smirking behind the screen.

Everyone around me was busy looking for a formula. I stood and watched them build devotedly, sightlessly, obstacles to their own happiness.

IMG_4507 xx


2 thoughts on “Inside the hive

  1. I really like this one. Build their own obstacles to happiness – this is what I think. Our products cause lesions on the CNS. Sclerosis comes from our processed foods and products that have unnatural amounts of lysolecithin. Lysolecithin creates lesions. This poem just makes sense to me. Have you noticed how beautiful are the people who have MS?

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    1. Thank you, Jesusdiedandlives, that a piece like this “makes sense” is one of the best compliments! We are overall quite unaware as species – you mention your observations regarding processed products and we can agree that it all stems from one another and feeds into one another… Aside from their beauty, I am curious about other traits shared by people with MS as there seem to be commonalities.

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