How often do you peek over the fence?

Many people don’t know who they are.

Then there are those who are married to established ideas of themselves and attached to others.

Majority of us, whatever our fitting on identity scale, spends the days hunting for chains, ropes and spider webs to get tangled in.

You see, in the 21st century on Earth, not being certain or at least pretending about who we are is a sin that echoes with being a loser…

(Part I – to be continued)


9 thoughts on “How often do you peek over the fence?

  1. Who we are depends on how is looking, doesn’t it? Sometimes I think we human beings in this century are too obsessed with ourselves. Knowing oneself is important, but only to understand – not to make one better than others. By the way; I love the photo, such wonderful and positive energy.

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    1. Yes Otto, I fully agree! We carry a mind-blowing potential for blossoming through individuality and our own perception/expression, however the world is still deeply homogenized. Does self-obsession come hand in hand with one’s refusal to actually face the mirror? It reminds me of plastic surgery for ‘beautification’, always staying on the surface…

      P.S. The photos on this blog are labour of love, my photographer friends and I sometimes join for ‘creative sessions’ where we play and explore ideas together. Thank you 🙂


      1. The tribe-idea is part of this homogenizing trend – that paradoxically happens at a time when everyone becomes more self-absorbed. There is something very superficial about our culture these days – particularly in the so-called developed west.

        Otherwise; what a great idea to have friends come together and explore ideas.

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      2. I’ve been living in SE Asia for almost 3 years now and it provides for such an interesting platform for observing the eastern side (locals) as well as western (expats)…

        Essentially what we see goes into what we create – I enjoy journeying with you through your lens 😉 – and the experiment goes on…

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