How often do you peek over the fence?

Following the trail of curiosity about the character of my brawny automatic pilot, I started to descend into the secrets behind a person’s behaviour. What I found at the end of the road filled with trial, unease and bewilderment was fear, or rather, a myriad of them in a rainbow-like sequence – fear of inadequacy, fear of not knowing, fear of survival, fear of not fitting in, and on a pedestal amongst them, the king: fear of death.

Deeply embedded in my self-image were lies that made up a frail spider-web of certainty, shielding me from coming face to face with fears that resided within.

(Part III – to be continued)

Read part I and part II


5 thoughts on “How often do you peek over the fence?

    1. From my seat, facing oneself seems inevitable, hard and never-ending as it is; but there was a time when I couldn’t do it without more understanding of how it all mechanically operates. That’s when I met human design.

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    1. Indeed, menuchaprojekt! A driving force that prevents many from living – it never disappears, it’s not meant to, but it’s not here to paralyze us either…

      Thank you for following my blog btw! 🙂

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