Love short stories and prose? This might be your lucky day, too!

My writers group is made up of eclectic individuals, all coming from diverse backgrounds. Some are experienced in the publishing game, and for some – like me, the youngest member – this is the very first time to see our name in print. The Anthology comprises four categories of emotion-packed stories: On the Island, On the Road, Off the Road and Inner Journeys… To learn more, visit our Amazon page (click-able link above)!

pix ram


2 thoughts on “Being-Published-Kind-Of-Happy

  1. That sounds very exciting. Well done you. I have had one novel published, and another is somewhere near getting “out there” but I know there is a world of difference between having a book published and becoming a recognised creative writer. I have read quite a few of your poems and I believe you have a voice so I wish you every success on your journey 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much, Peter – such comments make me blush :). I also have a novel idea in mind and, while slowly educating myself on various elements of novel writing, I am both thrilled and horrified about plunging into writing longer pieces…

      I don’t know that my own page is the place to say it, but I really enjoy each of your stories – your style is gripping no matter what you write about! Now I’m curious about your novel, is there a link where I can find more info?


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