Dear Reader,

Welcome to my corner of exploration – glad we crossed paths and hope you will leave with a glimpse of something real.

While I currently focus on building the writer’s muscle through short forms paired with visuals, elaborate stories are seeking their way out of my mind. They, too, are likely to find their place here one day.

Both in life and this space, I find myself pondering this question – what makes us human? – in its various forms. Yet, I am not on a quest.

After all, so much about being alive can’t be put into words, even if some of us are fated to keep playing with them.

Thank you for being here,




16 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank you kindly, kedslover :)! Creative sessions with friends are a part of my artistic expression… Yet those are just images, serving as an illustration for those words that tend to escape me ;-).

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  1. Thank you for stopping by my page. I really enjoy the pictures and poems here. They really lend themselves well to your theme of reflections. Keep up the good work, I look forward to reading more.

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  2. Thanks for “liking” my comment on “A Writer’s Path: UtM.”
    “A Writer’s Path” seems to be the common thread that binds our niche community of WordPress writers. Following that blog has led me to other great bloggers…so, hello!

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    1. Right back at ya! I believe comments should aim to contribute a unique perspective so I sometimes ‘like’ what I agree with rather than repeat what’s been said; I am not a chatty writer either. But welcome, I am glad you found your way to here =)! Btw. I love the visual simplicity of your blog, it is very appealing!


    1. Thank you, Peter – writing is such a deep passion yet I can’t help but also ponder limitation of words and what we are (in)able to express. And you are right, although I haven’t necessarily been aware of that, I guess I am only ready to tackle things once they make sense to me, after a long study of sorts…

      Well, here’s to more stories on both sides and thank you for voicing yourself on here! 🙂


  3. Exactly, G’Nat’s Eye View! I chuckle at the joke, having this passion for language and always feeling like it is, somehow, incomplete to express it all…

    Thanks for the visit, I like your blog too btw. =).


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