On the road

They wash over you
Situations, scenes and voices
Like a forgotten melody
From a pale childhood day.

While eyes meet lush terrain,
Gulping the horizon’s vows,
Moments start to knit as one.
Inside stirs a jaded heart.

In the hum of another crowded halt
Coated in distractions, you roam
Till you lose the feeling of being lost.
A ragged suitcase rests by the road’s edge, left alone.



Bittersweet Lessons of Love

When nervousness speaks volumes
It can, like a murky fog,
Hide the truth of the hearts.

When stakes are sky high
Bridges that reshape confines of reality
Often remain unbuilt.

When shared depths instigate fright
Stubborn silence, revealing all of God’s glory,
Marks the end before the start.

dsc_0256 2


The message was short so although dozy, I captured it with a single glance. It read:

“I wanted to send you at least something, so I send you this.”

It’s been over a decade since the sentence sneaked into my phone’s display one night in the wee hours, causing a perpetual smile.

Words alone may not once be enough to express our feelings. But the art of communication is about the courage to reveal that there are hidden meanings, waiting to be explored.

DSC_0491 xx


It wasn’t filled with defenses
nor laced with lies
there were no fears,
no calculations,
no pretense.
One time…
We faced surrender
mellow as light
tangled strings of existence –
revealed fierceness
of vastness inside.
A single time…
The flow of seasons
untold crossroads away
I carry the truth
of myself, us, and you
a tune in which we were more than life,
that one time.

dsc_0329 xx