How often do you peek over the fence?

Once the veil was lifted our fellowship began and, as I got to know the many facets of fear, I developed the ability to see it in others. In time, I came to peace with fright emerging in my stomach in the face of unknown. I recognized that it was a trademark of being human rather than what derived from the experience: fear keeps us moving forward.

Without freezing when my own anxiety draws closer to greet me, a sense of identity emerged and I discovered that I am amongst those who will never quite know who they are.

Some of us have anchored characters and some, like me, act as chameleons of experience. Still, every now and again I like to take a peek over my fence.

(Part IV – The End)

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the queen

it didn’t come from doing it right
nor making anything happen
it had nothing to do with searches
or beliefs tied to success

when I made my own skin home
and learned to roll with the tides,
as I found there was no one else I’d rather be
I met her: happiness

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