It lingers for a while each time we meet, wrapping us both in coats of recognition. You may not know how tender your manner is, or may not wish to act upon it. Once we part those alternatives stare at me, teasing. Until I forget.

But everything stops, briefly, as we’re there without any favorable aims in sight, allowing us to return to where we left off.

Moments stolen from decay are infused with comradery and recognition. Like a phoenix, our momentum glides between reality and dreams, touching on peaks of being alive and affairs that don’t even exist.

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Ignorance is made of politeness

In the realm of hierarchy people naturally accept their place, simply because it was there before the dawn of time.

The beneficiaries ignore that which doesn’t belong on their rack and, every so often, desirously look at silent behinds of those they deem superior. On occasion, displaying a chilly smile, they pass on handfuls of bank notes to those who are a class below.

As heavens carry true and false yells for change, most beneficiaries couldn’t survive knowing that people are just people. Less than an inch away sits the change, tragically patient, for that eye contact between the classes never comes.



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What’s care got to do with it?

I reached out.

I disclosed.

Over and over again,
I plummeted to unbearable grounds.
You can’t be a friend to anyone
Who isn’t befriended by himself.


Bittersweet Lessons of Love

When nervousness speaks volumes
It can, like a murky fog,
Hide the truth of the hearts.

When stakes are sky high
Bridges that reshape confines of reality
Often remain unbuilt.

When shared depths instigate fright
Stubborn silence, revealing all of God’s glory,
Marks the end before the start.

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