An ode to a friend

Take me to the sea, an abiding witness:
Its steady shore my home
Its brawny hum a purge
Every one glimmer relaxing across all time.

Take me to the sea, the bearer of my secrets:
Where ebb and flow, eternal and equal –
Granting and taking without prejudice –
Pursue one another, our lives a playground.

Take me to the sea, it knows what to do:
Accepting crumbled wishes and daydreams.
Its majestic patience a reminder
Of surrender to the Gods.

Take me to the sea and I will sail again:
As grays and blues meld
And waves ground the soul, hushing the ache.
Seize my hand, now, and take me to the sea.



captain’s verse

I waited.
long after it made sense
echoes of promise long gone
facing an empty horizon.

I waited.
days blended and merged
ships passed by, some cried out.
eyes glued to the ocean.

before I knew how to fall down
inhabit defeat, shadow the tides
leave the lighthouse to its lore.
I waited.

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